Little Huson Caves

On the Little Huson Caves Tour you will see old growth forest, limestone caves and rock formations. A short 0.5 km trail leads to the caves and unlike other caves on Vancouver Island you don’t need any special equipment to see the main cathedral river cave where Atluck Creek runs underground. The beautiful water worn features of the canyon and caves are a spectacular site to behold.

Tour Schedule

8:30 am – Depart from Alder Bay
1:30 pm – Arrive back in Alder Bay 


2 PERSON MINIMUM (max 4 people)

Please bring your own water bottle, lunch/snacks, hiking shoes, whistle and/or bear spray and proper clothing for weather conditions.

Click here for our waiver form. Please fill out and email to or return in person.

What to bring for hiking tours

North Island Overland will provide:

Prepare to get dusty or muddy depending on the weather…
but most of all, prepare to have a blast!