Adventure One

alice lake loop

On the Alice Loop Tour you will see the Eternal Fountain, Devil’s Bath and stop at the various lakes, waterfalls, rivers along the way for pictures. You possibly might see a variety of wildlife such as bears, bald eagles, cougars, elk and if you’re lucky maybe even a wolf. We can’t guarantee sightings, but you just might!

Adventure Two

san josef bay

On our day trip to San Josef Bay you can expect to see old growth forest along the well maintained path to an expansive white sandy beach and various rock crop formations. Walk along the beach and listen to the Pacific Ocean waves, or explore amongst the rock formations and possible tide pools depending on the tides that day. Feel the beauty of the North Island and sink into its serenity.

Adventure Three

little huson caves

On the Little Huson Caves Tour you will see old growth forest, limestone caves and rock formations. A short 0.5 km trail leads to the caves and unlike other caves on Vancouver Island you don’t need any special equipment to see the main cathedral river cave where Atluck Creek runs underground. The beautiful water-worn features of the canyon and caves are a spectacular site to behold.

Adventure Four

freshwater fishing

Our freshwater fishing trips will be in pontoon boats with a knowledgeable freshwater fishing guru to assist you with catching various freshwater species of fish and also provide education and tips for freshwater fishing. You will be provided with a pontoon boat, life jacket and oars for paddling. There is no other beauty than being on a glass-calm, untouched lake, listening to the birds chirp, frogs croak and perhaps a bald eagle soaring above. Whether it’s fly fishing you want or spin casting, our fishing team will make your fishing trip one that you will want to tell your friends about and want to return for another fabulous day. Tight lines and fish on!